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23 May 2017 It turns out that the way to accomplish this is to set all the WOPI bindings except the "View" binding. If you have already been messing with the 1 Mar 2015 Someone was asking about the cool new thumbnail previews you get for items in search results in SharePoint 2013. They really liked how 3 Jun 2013 [Edit: I totally missed www.wictorwilen.se/sharepoint-2013-enabling-pdf-previews-in-document-libraries-with-office-web-apps-2013, 13 Mar 2014 Sharepoint 2013 PDF Preview Into Document Library This project is currently in setup mode and only Sharepoint 2013 or Sharepoint 2010. 13 Mar 2013 You've now seen how you quick and easy can enable PDF Search Previews in SharePoint 2013 using the March 2013 update for Office Web 4 Jun 2014 PDF preview for SharePoint 2013 integrated with Office web apps isn't Use this below script to enable PDF previews in SharePoint 2013 31 Dec 2013 Wictor Wilen has written a great blog post about enabling PDF previews in SharePoint 2013 document libraries with Office Web Apps 2013 2 Feb 2016 SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search results has the ability to preview documents using Office Web Apps Server i.e. Microsoft Office Document 3 Jun 2013 20 Nov 2014 Enable PDF Preview in SharePoint Search Result. This article describes how you can enable PDF preview in the search core results web part.

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